Kasasa Protect

Kasasa Protect

Keep your information yours… and yours alone.

There’s a battle underway for your identity – and fraudsters don’t exactly play fair. Don’t be outmaneuvered. Stay two steps ahead with Kasasa Protect™.

Kasasa is more than awesome rewards. It’s also protection.

  • 24/7 Credit Monitoring: Get notices about important changes in your credit report – including loan data, inquiries, new accounts, judgments, and liens – around the clock.
  • Annual Credit Reports: Get deep insight into your credit record with a full annual report from Experian. It’s the first step toward fantastic financial health.
  • Monthly Credit Score and Tracker: Stay on top of your credit with regular online reports. See your score at no extra cost, view trends, and find out exactly what’s moving your number.
  • Dark Web Monitoring: Keep close tabs on your identity online. This personal watchdog scans millions of international sources in real-time, quickly spotting stolen data that could identify you.
  • Lost Wallet Protection: Cancel and replace all your important documents through one point of contact. Your agent can restore your cards, licenses, passports, even traveler’s checks.
  • Identity Restoration: Get help and resolution the instant fraud occurs. Rest assured as certified specialists file, dispute, and resolve issues with your credit or other vital records.

Kasasa Protect’s monthly service fee is automatically drafted from your checking account, so no additional checks to cut, lapses in coverage, or due dates to remember.

Employ around-the-clock protection against fraud and ID theft. Speak to a Financial Service Representative about Kasasa Protect today.