Travel Club


Upcoming Events 

2021 trips are in the works, keep watching for details.

Why Travel With in a Group

  • Value – transportation and group discounts make traveling with a group economical and many times group travelers get to experience options individual travelers are not offered.
  • Companionship – friends with similar interest traveling together and even making new friends.
  • Security – traveling in groups and knowing all the details are arranged and door to door drop-off and pick-up.
  • Convenience – all the details of transportation, meals, lodging and paid attractions are pre-arranged.
  • Fun – groups provide a fun atmosphere and there’s always someone to talk to and with whom a traveler can share the experience.
  • Dependability – quality accommodations, transportation and venues, “WORRY FREE TRAVEL”.
  • Free Membership – no balance requirements, you don’t have to be a Sullivan Bank customer to take one of our trips.
  • Newsletters & Information – mailed to you periodically.