Account Switch Kit

Account Switch Kit

Switch your account to Sullivan Bank

There are many reasons why people bank with Sullivan Bank; be it excellent customer service and convenient locations, to our wide array of products and services. Whatever your reason, switching banks is not as big a hassle as you think and our switch kit makes it even easier.

Account Closure Authorization Form (PDF)

  • This form communicates to your previous financial institution that they need to close your previous account(s).
  • You should fill out this form for each account you wish to move.
  • You should let your final checks, debits and direct deposits clear before mailing.

  • This form sets up your direct deposit into your new Sullivan Bank account.
  • Some employers require a company form, so make sure you check with your Human Resources Department.

  • This form should be sent to each company who has an automatic payment set up for you: some typical examples are Mortgage Payments and/or Car Payments.